operation gratitude.

More than just exploring two of my passions, making clothes and videos, I wanted to use “see the good.” to really be able to fuel my passion for helping others. I’ve always had a lot of respect for soldiers and veterans, especially since my grandpa fought in the Vietnam War.

He's told me many stories of how he's watched his friends die to protect their country. I personally don’t like war and want to avoid it at all costs, but I think it’s incredibly brave of these soldiers to risk their lives every day and fight for our country and for the safety of the people. Because of this, when my friend, Sophie Orihuela, came to me with an idea to help soldiers, I decided to run with it and organize a day where my friends and I would make care packages for them. I talked to my mom and one of her friends had a connection to some soldiers who usually don’t get any mail. I never expected so many people to want to help without getting anything material in return. The day we were packaging everything, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who came and the amount of stuff they brought with them to include in the packages. Everyone was so eager and enthusiastic. They all wanted to make sure that each soldier knew how much we appreciated them and that there are people who care about them and are praying for them. As I watched them write cards for each soldier and prepare every single package with so much love and excitement, I knew that this couldn’t be the last time I did something like this. With the exception of December 2019, I promised myself that every month I’d get as many of my friends as I could together and do something to either help ourselves or others see the good in our lives. I’ll be taking videos of it all for you to follow on my Youtube channel and writing about each experience here on my blog. Stay tuned!



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