I first met Katia because of my school’s student government. We’re both in it and I saw how hardworking she was and really admired her. I asked her one day if she wanted to make a video and she got super excited. I had no idea what she was gonna talk about. All I knew about her was that she‘s in student government, she’s really good at track, and she has a boyfriend named Burke. The night before we made the video she slept over at my house and we stayed up super late talking. That really helped me get to know her and figure out what makes her the beautiful person she is. She told me her story with Burke and I thought it was so incredible. I’ve never had a boyfriend and I’d always had a weird mentality about high school relationships. I like to think that I’m a positive person, but when it comes to boys I used to just assume that things would never work out for me. I’ve always believed that everyone has a person; whether it be a friend, family member, or the person you’re in a relationship with. Every time I’ve ever liked a boy, I’ve been deeply disappointed. I also constantly got disappointed by different friends who I thought could be my person, and after losing my grandma when I was 12, I thought I’d never find someone to call my person again. These disappointments kept building and made me believe I wasn’t worthy of love. Hearing Katia’s story of how Burke helped her to love herself gave me so much hope that I’d eventually find that. She helped me realize the truth I always knew; that I had to love myself first. Whoever my person is, I will find them and they will only make me love myself more and accept me as I am and love me even more because of it. The same will happen for you. There’s a plan for all of us. Everyone has their person; whether you’ve found them yet or not. For Katia, her person is Burke. She was lucky enough to find him early on, but everyone’s story is different. Your time will come, and so will mine. I guess you could say we’ll all eventually find our Burke. Hold onto that hope and in the meantime, learn to love yourself as you are because you can never truly love someone else until you do that.



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