Emma is one of those people that words can’t adequately explain. She is a whole other kind of special. People like her are rare. You don’t come across such an incredible spirit very often. She’s a once in a lifetime kind of person, and anyone who knows her would agree with that. She has one of the brightest lights I’ve ever seen and the best way I could describe her would be as the color yellow personified. That might sound kind of weird, but yellow is the color that is most associated with happiness. She radiates happiness and love to every single person she encounters. Even if you’re just speaking to her for a moment, your day gets better. Despite the infectious smile that she's always wearing, she hasn't had it easy. She's been through lots of hardships but her perseverance never fails to amaze me. We all have our bad days. We can either choose to only see the bad and dwell on it, or we can allow ourselves to have our moment and then get back up. Emma does that. She always gets back up and continues to light up other people's lives no matter what she may be going through. I think it's the most beautiful thing and I believe the world is in desperate need of more people like her. When I think of the phrase "see the good" and everything it means to me, Emma always comes to mind. It may not always be easy to keep a positive outlook, but that doesn't mean you stop trying. You have to remember all the beautiful things in your life, and appreciate them. It may take you a bit, but once you start naming them all one by one, the length of your list will surprise you. Even if the only thing that made you smile today was the cute puppy you saw while you were stopped at a red light or the way there are small flowers starting to grow on the tree in front of your house, it's still something. You have to consistently be able to find joy in what's around you and appreciate the lovely things the people in your life can offer you. Seeing the good is a choice. It may not be an easy one, but nothing that's worth it ever is. Learn from the way Emma chose to see the good in her brother and the way she chooses to see the good in the different hardships she's had to face in her life. There is always good in every single situation; you just have to choose to see it.



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